Some recent work — August 2015

“Loudoun County: The epicenter of Redskin nation” —, Aug. 27

“U.S. Rep. Comstock visits Israel, stresses opposition to Iran deal” —, Aug. 26


Shem Creek, just outside Charleston, South Carolina. Photo By/Trevor Baratko

“Charleston’s Top 8 Bars and Eateries” — The Back Label at, Aug. 25

“Sen. Dick Black rips ‘global warming theology’ and EPA’s ‘Bolshevik communists'” —, Aug. 13

“Indicted councilman has lengthy list of legal troubles” —, Aug. 12


U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R), right, visits Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, Virginia to talk about tourism and the importance of Dulles Airport’s success. Photo By/Trevor Baratko

“A vibrant Dulles Airport is critical for local tourism” —, Aug. 6

“Six Loudoun County races to watch in 2015” —, Aug. 6